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The sites below are nothing to do with Collections directly, but belong to colleagues and contributors to the library. We think they may be of use or interest to you.

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OK, we aren’t cat specialists, but we have always had cats. These two are George (top) and Lizzie, sadly no longer with us. If you like them and fancy one on your desktop then please be our guest.

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Brian Shuel


A large proportion of the library is Brian Shuel's collection of the traditional customs of Britain and these also appear on his own web site. He has written an extensive introduction to the country’s traditional customs fully illustrated with pictures from our archive, these can be seen at the Customs site.

Sal Shuel

Sal Shuel’s excellent guide to the issues surrounding photographic copyright.

Laura Boswell

Laura Boswell, a printmaker who used to work for us, but is now persuing a career selling her art and producing large scale public projects.

Ben Boswell

Ben Boswell, Collections’ brother and husband of Laura who is a photographer and writer on photography.

James Boswell

James Boswell was a painter and illustrator, as well as being Collections’ grandfather. He was also responsible for the odd cat illustrations found on the site.

Hand & Eye

Hand & Eye letterpress run by Phil Abel, Collections’ step uncle (sort of) who has a fabulous printing works doing wonderful things with hot metal type.


The British Association of Pictire Libraries and Agencies, our trade association.


Picture Research Association. The PRA is an organisation for media professionals involved with images. Among many services for members, publishers and employers are a magazine, bulletin, and a freelance register for those seeking work.


The English Folk Dance and Song Society, I think the name speaks for itself.

Archie Miles

Archie Miles is a contributor to Collections, but also has his own specialist collection of trees.

Paul Felix

Paul Felix, another contributor, who has his own specialist collection of crafts and craftsmen.

Malcolm Crowthers

Malcolm Crowthers has been a friend for many years and supplies us with extraordinary pictures of various historic British buildings, but he is best known as an inventive portrait photographer to the music world.

Michael George

Michael George has supplied us with plenty of material from his home county of Sussex, but in the eighties he lived in New York and produced a great archive of street photography. He has also done books on gardening and his Spanish gardens are extensivey represented along with his work from around the world.

Any other contributors to Collections who have sites that might be appropriate for inclusion here should contact us. We will not link to collections on other libraries sites or to sites that we do not think are relevant or suitable.