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Children are involved in many customs. Some they enjoy and can’t wait to take part in, some they are made to do, under extreme protest, by grown-ups. Being May Queen may be the pinnacle of a girl’s whole life; being made to dress up in some silly ‘olde’ costume to escort her might be the the worst thing that could ever happen to a boy. Collections has mixed feelings. The doles, games and plays look fun, and on the whole the kids can choose whether to take part or not. Coercion is required for those elaborate May Day extravaganzas at which, it always seems to us, most of the kids look cold, uncertain what they are supposed to be doing, bored, and much put upon. These events are for the gratification of parents and teachers and have little to do with what went on on May Day in days of yore. Still, mustn’t be grumpy. Here is an entirely random collection of children on custom duty. They look happy enough...