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Highland Games

Highland Games evolved centuries ago when clan chiefs encouraged their men to show their strength and endurance, and thus their potential as warriors in battle. The ‘Heavy Events’ of Tossing the Caber, Putting the Shot, Throwing the Hammer, Tug o’ War, All-in Wrestling and so on are still at the core with the later additions of Highland Dancing, Piping and Drumming. All events are competitive, some with handsome prizes. There are over a hundred Gatherings throughout Scotland between May and September, most of which will have all of these attractions, though some are Piping Championships only, and some feature a Gathering of the Clans when clansmen attend in all their tartan splendour. Many drams are consumed. There are also innumerable Highland Gatherings throughout the English (Scottish?) speaking world wherever the Scottish diaspora has settled – and indeed there are competitors from all these countries at the major Scottish Gatherings. Collections is not expert on the subject of Highland Games so, rather than make fools of ourselves, we will leave you with a few sample pictures...