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Weddings & Funerals

Weddings and funerals are, of course, a major part of church life. Funeral photography presents problems for obvious reasons, wedding photography for less obvious. Since the invention of the camera no wedding in the entire civilised world has taken place unphotographed. Many Collections photographers do little else. However that doesn’t mean that Collections is full of their wedding pictures for the simple reason it is against copyright law to publish them or even display them in a shop window without the written permission of the people in the pictures – who might in any case inquire (quite rightly) ‘Who is going to use them and why?’ or ‘How much money are you going to pay me?’ Thus, with the exception of news pictures (Kate ‘n’ Wills for example), any ‘wedding’ pictures you see on a page are all staged and/or heavily model released. This is a token selection here. There is a whole section on Love and Marriage elsewhere on this website.